“Crestwood Village Six is an active adult community nestled in the pines adjacent to Route 530 in Whiting, NJ. Our minimum age requirement is 55. We enjoy living in a quiet suburban atmosphere while being close to shopping, major thoroughfares and the every day necessities to keep us healthy.”

Source: http://crestwoodvillage6.com

In the case of solar, Crestwood Village VI is the Gold Standard for managed residential communities adopting solar electricity practices. In April 2016, the Board of Trustees of the community made the bold decision to furnish the Clubhouse and Association Management Buildings with 358 solar panels. Here is a look at the beneficial results:

1. Energy Costs Are Reduced:

Electric bill from utility (Jersey Central Power & Light)
is $0

The system generates 100% of their electricity needs

2. Environmental Benefits*:

Produce almost 3 million kWh over a 30 year lifespan

Save 6,000 barrels of oil from electric production

Reduce 10,500 lbs of smog emissions

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4.2 million tons Equivalent of 10,100 trees planted

3. Generate SREC income**:

In its first year, the system is projected generate around 9 SREC’s per month, which can be worth up to $1,800 in revenue per month.

​Since the Board of Trustees had such positive results with solar, they adopted solar further into their community. Homeowners in Crestwood VI are permitted in their by-laws to furnish their roofs with solar. This is especially helpful because Crestwood VI is an all electric community. There is no natural gas or oil accommodations to the homes in this neighborhood, so electric heat, hot water, and cooking ranges are commonplace. This leaves residents with very high electric bills, and this is precisely why solar is so important to their community.

This Case Study creates the blueprint for what can be duplicated over and over not only in New Jersey, but throughout the country. Solar promotion by neighborhoods, such as Crestwood VI, is helping solar electricity to gain acceptance as a choice by homeowners.