Mark & Amy D.
Toms River, NJ
Sungage 15 Year Loan

“EZNERGY has been such a refreshing experience and I spent months analyzing and speaking to the “BIG” solar companies such as Solar City and Vivint. I received so much misinformation and slick sales tactics before finally coming across [EZNERGY]…. Little overhead and marketing schemes = value to the consumer, simple math.”

Richard A.
Mantoloking, NJ
15 Year NJR Lease

“At the end of year one with solar panels on my house. I received a $500 check from my electric utility. I generated more juice than I used. In March I took delivery of my new Tesla to use my extra watts. I am looking forward to my next bill from the electric company to see how much it cost me to drive the Tesla 10,000 miles!”

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Carlo A.
Jersey City, NJ
Sungage 15 Year Loan

“I want to thank [EZNERGY] for pushing through and getting my system installed before the new year, your installation crew was great. It looking great on the roof and it was pretty exciting getting to see the meter spin backwards when I was done… I’m like a kid with a new toy!”

Amy D.
Galloway, NJ
NJR 20 Year Lease

“Your home is likely your single biggest investment you will ever make. It is very important to look for a Company & brand that will take care of you, be honest, and back you up! EZNERGY is just that! If you want a professional job with a mom and pop vibe why waste anymore time. Stop giving your money to the power company and start living off the grid! EZNERGY thank you for your amazing job!”

Joe O.
Toms River, NJ
Sungage 15 Year Loan

“These folks are the best Lou answered all of our questions and follow through the whole job to make sure it ran seamlessly.”


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