Non-Profit organizations play a critical role in our society. However, there are regulations that require them to apply any proceeds toward the cause or organizations they serve. Any effective savings from other aspects like operations and utilities further help to empower a non-profit organization to accomplish their goals.

The Financial Benefits Of Solar Power For
Non-Profit Organizations

Solar power can provide immense savings for non-profit organizations. There are several factors that play a role in the specific amount of savings a solar panel system can produce. This includes the available size of the building, the building’s location, and the current cost of electricity.

In general, a photovoltaic solar power system provided by EZNERGY will yield thousands of dollars in savings now and in years to come. However, this isn’t the only way that solar power can save money for a non-profit organization in the long term.

The state-of-the-art solar power systems which we provide also help to protect your organization from volatile increases in electricity rates. Historically, electricity rates in the United States rise an average of 3% each year. The price increase represents fluctuations based on changes in the cost of fuel, as well as other factors like seasonal usage, and grid maintenance.

Having a solar power array installed on your building means that your electricity is available at a fixed low rate. Not only will this help your non-profit in the short-term, but it will also allow for more capital to invest in future budget plans.

The Social Benefits Of Solar Power

Solar energy is promoting and fostering a sustainable alternative to non-renewable energy sources such as coal and oil. Because of its positive environmental and economic impacts, solar has a widespread and everlasting impacts on communities who adopt solar energy as their power source. For example, a school who goes solar can teach renewable and sustainable energy in their curriculum. Parent Teacher Organizations can hold fundraisers directly linked to solar. Churches can have community events sponsored by solar. Nonprofits can promote their organization on the foundation of their operations being fueled by the sun. The social benefits of solar are endless, and a bit of imagination and coordination with EZNERGY can provide a custom social outreach program for any organization. By investing in solar energy, the United States economy gradually starts to reduce its reliance on foreign energy supplies. At the same time, helps create American jobs and support local economies.

The Environmental Benefits Of Solar Power
For Non-Profit Organization

A large percentage of nonprofit organizations either promote cleaner, green energy, or are environmentally conscious as they pursue their mission. Solar power is one of the most effective ways to meet those goals, as well as reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

Solar power doesn’t generate any polluting emissions like burning fossil fuels. It also doesn’t produce any of the severely hazardous waste or catastrophic risks associated with nuclear power.

Finding Effective Financing Or
Funding For Non-Profit Solar Power

Many non-profit organizations operate on very narrow margins. This can sometimes make it a challenge for them to find the initial funding to invest in a solar power system. We have developed strategic programs specifically designed for non-profit entities to harness the clean green energy from the sun and still enjoy financial benefits to help their mission and bottom line.

EZNERGY has worked with a wide range of non-profit organizations and schools to help them find the funding or financing they need to invest in a high-quality solar power system. We have the specialists and project managers who can work with you to develop the most effective financing strategy for your entity.

Current regulations prevent non-profit organizations from taking advantage of the ITC – Federal Investment Tax Credit. This means that most nonprofit organizations finance the initial cost of installation either through a specific lease program or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A PPA allows your organization to install solar panels without extra out of pocket costs. This program essentially allows you to purchase power at a reduced rate that is locked-in for a specified period of time, from an investor who shoulders the initial costs. It provides guaranteed savings toward your building’s utility bill.

A solar lease can be structured with zero dollars down, which also means there are no up-front costs. In this type of arrangement, a third-party investor essentially owns the solar power system and they directly cover the initial installation cost as well as the maintenance costs for the agreed-upon amount of time. The investor then also receives the available tax credits as well as any other financial incentives and the non-profit enjoys a lower monthly cost of energy.

A typical PPA agreement or solar lease has a duration spanning between 10 to 20 years. During this period the property owner would pay a monthly payment to the leasing company which allows them to basically rent the system and all of the electricity it provides. In most cases, the non-profit organization enjoys around a 10 to 30% reduction in the cost of electricity.

In an operating lease, the bank owns the system and uses solar’s tax benefits to lower the interest rate for the customer. The lease payments are typically treated as operating expenses. At the end of the lease, the customer either extends the lease or purchases the system from the bank.

Some customers do not qualify for a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) per the financiers’ requirements. Regular PPA’s require some form of creditworthiness and term agreement. A Pre-Paid PPA offers a solution that is best described as a mixture between a cash purchase and a PPA. Customers are given the ability to pay a portion upfront while given a marked discount on the electricity produced at the facility. This reduces the credit risk and allows the project to not only start saving from day one but give the end-user a higher effective cash flow than a normal PPA due to the upfront payment discount.

Professional Consultation Services
With An Industry Leader

EZNERGY has spent over a decade helping non-profit organizations, schools, businesses, and communities to meet their solar goals. We have the expertise to assess your needs and help you understand the type of solar power system that is right for you.

This includes a comprehensive analysis where we evaluate your past electric bills and your site’s usage history. It will also involve a structural analysis of the building and the surrounding property. With this information in-hand, and your future goals in mind, we can lay out an initial plan, as well as funding recommendations.

As a full-service solar power provider, our services aren’t just limited to consultation and installation. We have highly trained and experienced engineers on our team, who can develop a custom plan for your site and for your long-term needs.

Each of our systems comes with best in class warranty protection and monitoring. Our monitoring software will keep track of your solar power system’s performance. In the event of a discrepancy, the system will alert our service teams, so we can diagnose the issue.

We make it EZ for your non-profit organization to embrace the future of green energy.