Government and public-sector projects at every level rely on effective cost control and budgeting to maximize their return-on-investment. It is a sacred trust held between all public sector entities and their constituents to make the most out of important taxpayer dollars.

At EZNERGY, we are intimately aware of these priorities and you can rest assured that our talented team of engineers and solar power specialists are dedicated to providing all our clients with the very best return on investment. We have over a decade of experience which ensures that we deliver each project on time and on budget.

Effective Solar Power Systems For
Public Sector Buildings And Facilities

The United States Department Of Energy notes that the US solar industry has demonstrated explosive growth. This has helped the US pave the way in providing 21st Century buildings with a clean, and more sustainable energy today as well as into the future. In recent years, advancements in innovative solar technology have helped to reduce the underlying cost of installing a solar energy system onto a wide range of buildings.

This means that solar energy is now a very reliable way to reduce energy bills, while also helping to protect their energy budget from utility rate increases. We make it EZ for all public sectors to cut energy costs and save taxpayer money.

The Experience To Find The Right Solar Energy Solution For Any Government Building

Founded in 2007, EZNERGY is a woman and a disabled veteran-owned company dedicated to providing the highest level of service to a wide range of clients. We have experienced account managers, highly trained engineers, and installation specialists using high-quality components backed by the longest possible warranty.

We install state-of-the-art solar power systems for:

  • Federal Buildings And Campus Facilities

  • State Institutions

  • Municipal Government Properties

  • Police Stations

  • Fire Departments

  • Schools And Universities

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Wastewater Facilities

  • Wildlife Centers

Our team has over two decades of experience working with a wide range of facilities at every scale. Whether you are looking to install a solar power system into an existing building or you are in the planning phase for a new facility, EZNERGY has the expertise to help you design the ideal system for your needs.

Solar RFP and ESIP

EZNERGY works with Request for Proposals at all stages. If your organization needs help creating, advertising, or analyzing an RFP, EZNERGY has experience both consulting and bidding Solar Photovoltaic Request for Proposals. We work with consultants, business administrators, CFO’s and many others in positions where competitive procurement a key to successful buying in their business.

EZNERGY also has extensive experience working with ESIP or Energy Savings Improvement Programs. In today’s energy landscape, beginning with the efficiency of a subscriber’s usage is the first step to meeting energy goals. There are many strategies that can lower energy consumption without changing habits and EZNERGY can help many types of facilities to the road of improved and efficient electricity usage.

Industry Leaders Setting The Highest Standard For Reliable Solar Power

EZNERGY’s exacting standards and dedication to service means that all our projects meet and exceed the already high standards set by the federal government. Since our founding in 2007, we have become a solar power industry leader in municipal design, consultation, construction, and installation of photovoltaic power systems.

We also hold client privacy, safety, and site security in the highest regard. All our staff members and installation specialists have received extensive training and are OSHA certified.

How Does Solar Power Work?

A solar power system uses an extensive array of photovoltaic cells to collect the energy of sunlight. This current is then sent to an inverter. It then converts it from DC (Direct Current) into standard AC (Alternating Current) which are commonly used by indoor lights, and appliances.
All the systems created and installed by EZNERGY use the highest quality components.

Our broad menu of services also includes a state-of-the-art monitoring system, which collects data in real-time. It essentially monitors the performance of the solar electric system. If a discrepancy is found, it reports it to our team of maintenance specialists who can respond in a timely manner to repair and restore your system back to it’s fully operational state.

We also offer preventive maintenance service. From time to time our service technicians will inspect the solar power system and handle any minor maintenance adjustments necessary.

Reduced Energy Costs For A
Fast Return On Investment

During an average year, a solar power system can yield thousands of dollars in savings in electricity cost. EZNERGY also stays abreast of government incentive programs. This includes staying up to date on all government incentives, tax breaks, and available industry financing.

Our experienced consultants can walk you through the options to develop a strategy that helps government entities save valuable taxpayer money.

Public Relations

Through our web based monitoring system, you can allow taxpayers to view the real-time data and history of the system’s performance. Not only does this boost community confidence, but it can also encourage constituents to put their support behind future solar power systems.