Government and public-sector projects at every level rely on effective cost control and budgeting to maximize their return-on-investment. It is a sacred trust held between all public sector entities and their constituents to make the most out of important taxpayer dollars.

At EZNERGY, we are intimately aware of these priorities and you can rest assured that our talented team of engineers and solar power specialists are dedicated to providing all our clients with the very best return on investment. We have over a decade of experience which ensures that we deliver each project on time and on budget.




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What Are The Benefits Of Solar?

There are many benefits to transitioning an existing building or installing a solar power system as part of a new construction project.

This includes things such as:

  • Reduced Utility Costs

  • A Rapid Return On Your Investment

  • Protection Against Increased Utility Costs

  • Tax Incentives With Easy Financing Options

  • SREC Incentives (Tax free income)

  • Contributing To Local And National Job Growth

The earliest and most obvious benefits of going solar shows up in reduced energy costs. Most businesses and commercial properties who have our state-of-the-art solar power systems installed enjoy a significant reduction in overall energy costs.

Most properties with solar power are also eligible for federal and state tax incentives, as well as the ability to generate capital. Programs like the New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy Credit or SREC make it easier than ever to see a quick return on your investment.

Solar power also allows you to essentially “Lock In” your rate. Not being subject to rate increases can save you untold thousands of dollars in the future!

A building with solar can also enjoy more predictable energy costs. The properties we serve enjoy predictable energy bills for 30 years or more after install.

At the same time, solar power is increasingly popular for businesses and families who are actively shopping in the real estate market. A home or business with a solar power system has increased value and tend to sell much faster than those without solar.

How Does Solar Work?

A solar energy system relies on a special photovoltaic cell, which essentially collects energy from sunlight, and converts it to electricity. This process generates DC or Direct Current which is then sent to a state-of-the-art inverter. At that point, it is converted into AC, or Alternating Current, which most homes and businesses use to run indoor lights and appliances.

All our systems use sophisticated monitoring technology. This essentially taps into the data of the inverters to monitor system performance in real-time. If there is a discrepancy between performance and projected output, our system is alerted, and we can get to work to maximize system operation.

Each of our solar power systems include a Net Metering feature. New Jersey has a net-metering rule which means that the utility keeps track of what you consume vs what you produce. As your solar system produces energy during the day, the power you generate is sent to the power grid earning you credits and debits as you use energy from the grid at night. On a monthly basis the power company bills you the net results

Does Solar Help With Job Creation?

Solar power technology and services have advanced significantly in recent years, with the United States leading the way toward energy independence. In 2018 Solar jobs increased in 29 states. It’s also estimated that solar jobs increased by around 7% in 2019 alone. Remarkably, the solar industry is responsible for roughly 259,000 jobs per year.

When you invest in one of our solar power systems, you can rest assured that you are helping to support local communities and industries that help to grow the future

Full-Service Provider

As an industry leader in the solar power industry, EZNERGY offers a wide range of services. From consulting, to design and through installation, we are a full-service solar provider, with the experience and knowledge you need to meet your energy efficiency goals.

We are proud to offer:

  • Experienced consulting services and analytics

  • State of the art design

  • Professional installation

  • Sophisticated monitoring systems

  • Specialized Solar funding options

Experienced Consulting Services

With over a decade of experience helping a wide range of clients, we use a custom approach to identifying your needs and the wide range of options that can help you meet your renewable energy goals.

The process starts with an introductory meeting and a careful analysis of your energy usage. This also helps to determine the type of system that will work best for your site.

This phase of the process might also include a comprehensive structural evaluation to assess the characteristics of the building or the surrounding site. In many of these cases, our highly trained and experienced engineers will also perform a feasibility study to ensure that your facility and the roof of your building is solar-ready.

With this information in hand, we can provide you with an effective solar development strategy designed to fit your needs. This includes helping you find the financing programs, loans, and tax incentives that will work best for your organization and budget. All this information can also be formatted into a custom cost-saving projection for your in-house accounting staff to analyze.

Financial Guidance And Assistance

One of the great things about solar power is its ability to recoup a fast return on investment. There are several financing options to consider.

A Power Purchase Agreement which is also known as a PPA, potentially allows a home or business to install solar panels with zero out of pocket costs. The homeowner, business or commercial property essentially agrees to purchase the power produced from a solar power system at a reduced rate compared to the area utility provider.

The PPA program essentially provides guaranteed energy savings while also allowing the homeowner or business to hold onto their existing cash reserves

A Solar Loan carries the same benefits of a direct cash purchase with no out of pocket costs while helping to maintain operating capital for your business or personal savings for the homeowner. There are several low-interest loan programs with flexible terms available.

EZNERGY has extensive relationships with many of the country’s top solar power lenders to help our clients get the financing they need to obtain an efficient solar power system. We can help you make the most out of available incentives like ITC, MACRS, and SREC’s.

Custom Design Services

At EZNERGY, we recognize that no two sites are the same. Our experienced designers and engineers have the training to create a custom system tailored to site-specific details.

We use state-of-the-art computer modeling technology, and the latest software to make the most out of the available roof space and structural requirements of the site. It also allows us to factor in things like historical weather data, tree growth, and potential shading problems.

Our meticulous design process also takes into account geo coordinates to maximize the site’s sun angle, as well as possible module locations, spacing, and the ideal tilt angle of the solar panels.

The design phase also includes other important factors such as:

  • A detailed analysis of the system layout

  • Cost savings benefits,

  • All applicable tax credits and rebates

  • A performance estimate

  • An energy offset projection

  • Equipment warranty information

  • An installation timeline estimate

Permit Requirements And Management

As industry leaders in the solar power industry, EZNERGY’s specialists are well versed in the state, local, and federal regulations. We take the hassle out of going solar by handing all the paperwork and obtaining permits. This includes things like utility interconnection agreements, as well as net-metering applications, all local building codes, electric permits and SREC applications. We also make sure to collate all applicable rebate incentive documents for your accountant . As an additional service, we will also sell your SREC’s for you if you choose EZNERGY as your solar installation provider.

Professional Installation

Our highly trained staff of solar professionals makes sure that your installation process is seamless. We make it a point to embrace continuing education. This ensures that all our specialists are on the cutting edge of advancements in solar equipment and installation techniques. This dedication to excellence has helped us to be an industry leader since 2007.

Professional Monitoring Services

EZNERGY uses state of the art monitoring systems to track the performance of your system 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our system analyzes real-time data that measures system efficiency and compares it to statistical projections. If our monitoring software finds a discrepancy, our specialists are notified and we can get to work diagnosing the issue.